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About Us

Today,  Coaches Choice USA  is a Metropolitan based New York/New Jersey company that provides tournaments, individual showcases, instructional clinics, a high school showcase, an AAU basketball program, recruiting counseling, assistance, and a scouting newsletter published four times a year. Our goal is to be the place where high school age athletes have the opportunity to learn, display their skills, participate in team events, and to be seen and evaluated by as many college coaches as possible.

We have also developed long-term relationships with many college coaches who actively seek our input when considering their recruits and continue to develop new relationships with an ever-expanding list of college coaches. We at Coaches Choice USA believe that our mission is to provide an arena where college coaches of every level can evaluate players and where every young women who so chooses can be seen.

Coaches Choice USA looks forward to continuing to be a conduit for players and coaches and to provide instruction and opportunities for all who seek them.

Our History

When two Brooklyn high school girls basketball coaches joined forces 30 years ago an idea took root- bring players together during the off-season in one place and invite college coaches to come and see them there. Being teachers, a further concept of utmost importance to both of them was to teach skills, drills, and provide every opportunity for the individual development of every player. Combining these ideas created the entity known now as Players Choice New York & Coaches Choice USA New Jersey.

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